Gearing Up For Change!
Our Schools
School Philosophy

Antonio Mata Ochoa Elementary is committed to educating every single student in accordance to the most rigorous standards given. We firmly believe in the development of the whole child and that all students can and will succeed given an adequate environment, the right motivation, and challenging opportunities.

We expect high levels of excellence from all students and staff members. With the support of the parents, administration and community, we will provide an environment conducive to learning, respect, mutual trust, and a sense of belonging.

Through extensive professional development, teachers will strengthen their knowledge of the subject matter and teaching skills, and as a result, we will offer a demanding and meaningful curriculum for our students.  The staff will constantly seek innovative approaches to challenge and motivate our students.

Our students will be self-disciplined, responsible, and thirsty for knowledge.  They will demonstrate that they are capable of actively participating in our ever-changing and diverse society.
School Vision
We, at A. M. Ochoa Elementary, are committed and dedicated to providing opportunities for exploration that will empower and prepare our students for life-long academic success in order to ensure well-rounded, well-versed, and responsible citizens.
School Motto
A. M. Ochoa...Always Moving Onward